How It All Started

My child is seriously Ill

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When you know your child is physically ill but doctors say it’s all in her head.

They say no one does investigation as thoroughly or as tenaciously as a Mother of a sick child. I can now unfortunately confirm through personal experience this is the truth.

Symptoms sudden onset 8th September 2018 in my 14 year old daughter.

• Constant General tiredness

• Extreme fatigue in periods of 3-5 days of sleeping 90% of day and night (we have reduced this by reducing the physical exertion she exerts)

• Periods of low blood sugar ( between 2.8 and 3.9 usually a couple times a day during the extreme fatigue times.)

• Paleness, skin tone goes white, then grey

• Lack of energy

• Lack of appetite but eating when I encourage her to.

• Weight loss (7.4kg in 12 weeks)

• Shakes • Weakness in legs, arm, neck

• Nausea almost all of the time

• Upper Abdominal pain, spreading under ribs – sharp stabbing pains not related to eating or drinking.

• Kidney region stabbing pains and feeling of being squeezed

• Thigh bones and knees aching feeling like her legs were going to collapse under her

• Headaches (Band round head but then spreading over back of head)

• Puffy face

• Blurry vision

• Dark eyes, with huge yellow coloured circles around eyes.

• Breathless, palpitations, chest tightness on standing or walking far.

• Significant Blood pressure and heart rate changes from sitting to standing.

When my daughter suddenly became physically ill doctors dismissed her symptoms because she had a diagnosis of social anxiety and generalised depression. No medical professional was willing to look past her previous mental health condition.

This blog is about my journey to prove my daughter was physically ill and how a Mothers determination can save her child’s life.